Tea Smoked New Zealand Venison with Roasted Beet Marshmallow

Recipe by Graham Brown


Smoke the Venison
Coat the raw meat in the sugar / salt with tea. Let stand for 3 hours turning frequently. Remove and drain.

Smoke over Manuka (or other aromatic wood) chips soaked in red wine. Smoke as cool as possible away from heat. Smoke until smoke is finished.
Cool and sear on hot plate to get a nice brown colour (coat with cracked pepper). Cool.

Beet Marshmallow
Roast beets whole until soft then cool and remove skin and puree flesh. Add horseradish to puree.
Heat the chicken stock, and add gelatin. Once dissolved add beet puree and beat until light and fluffy, fold in a beaten egg white, then pour into a 1 cm deep tray. Wait till it sets and cut into 1cm dice.

Baby arugula small red cress fried parsnip and fresh horseradish cream

To Serve
Slice the venison thinly, roll and place on serving plate, place the cubes of marshmallow among the slices of venison, and scatter over assorted greens with a dab of horseradish on the side.



Serves 10

Preparation: 3 hours

Time to cook: 20 mins

Tea Smoked New Zealand Venison with Roasted Beet Marshmallow


Smoked Venison

1 loin of New Zealand venison or 500 gm New Zealand venison denver leg fillet
4 red fruit tea bags
1/2 cup of coarse salt
2/3 cup of brown sugar

Beet Marshmallow

6 red beets
1 tablespoon grated horseradish
1 cup chicken stock
8 leaves gelatine


Assorted salad greens, assorted nuts, something for texture like crispy fried parsnip
Horseradish cream

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