Healthy Living

Health and well-being for New Zealanders

For optimal health, it is recommended that we maintain a healthy body weight, take regular exercise, and eat a balanced diet. We should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and breads and cereals, along with moderate amounts of lean meat. Intake of fat should be limited.

Low Fat

Venison is low in fat, making it an ideal food to include in a healthy diet. In fact, a 100g portion of lean cooked venison leg steak contains just 1.7g fat. Also, venison is very low in saturated fatty acids; a 100g portion of lean cooked leg steak contains just 0.7g saturated fatty acids.


Iron deficiency is a common nutrient deficiency, particularly among infants and young children, adolescent girls, and women of child-bearing age. Iron deficiency can lead to fatigue, an impaired immune system, and delayed development in children.

Venison is one of the best dietary sources of iron, with the iron present in the ‘haem’ form which is much more easily absorbed by the body than the ‘non-haem’ iron found in cereals and vegetables.

Not all meats are created equal

Venison is higher in iron than beef and lamb, and lower in fat than skinless chicken.  It provides a higher proportion of energy from body building protein, and less from fat.  The total saturated fat component of venison is less 1/3 of beef and lamb.

The following table shows how nutritionally superior venison is than other common proteins options.

Nutrient comparison of common proteins

  Protein Total fat Iron Zinc Saturated fat
  g g mg mg g
Skinless chicken breast      22.3        2.1        0.5        0.9            0.7
Pork loin steak - trimmed      20.9        2.3        1.7        2.7            0.9
Beef scotch fillet - trimmed      22.5        8.3        2.0        5.8            3.0
Lamb loin chop - trimmed      20.7        6.8        1.7        3.9            2.9
Venison leg medallion      23.5        1.5        4.1        3.6            0.6

Values based on 100gram raw sample. Data from the New Zealand Food Composition Database, New Zealand Crop and Food.



Farm-raised venison is one of New Zealand's premium foods and comes with the assurance that the deer are grass-fed and free of growth promoting hormones and antibiotics.  In addition, farm-raised venison is processed in accordance with international standards for hygiene, traceability and food safety.