Where To Buy

Suppliers to the New Zealand Market.

Venison is widely available from supermarkets, butchers, farmers markets and online in New Zealand.  Visit the following sites to buy venison in New Zealand.















New Zealand Venison Exporters

New Zealand venison is exported to about 50 countries around the world.  New Zealand's expert international venison marketing companies can arrange delivery to customers in any location.

Germany is New Zealand's #1 market, with Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA also major customers of the New Zealand venison industry.


New Zealand venison marketing companies have long-standing relationships with food importers in all the main markets and they will be able to direct product enquiries to suppliers.  To see the list of New Zealand exporting companies click here.


New Zealand Venison in Europe

New Zealand venison is widely available in many European countries over much of the year. The main sales season is through the European Autumn and Winter, during these cooler months many supermarket chains offer chilled and frozen venison alongside other seasonal specialties.  Most venison is sold through the restaurant sector, and venison is available all year round to satisfy diners demands for healthy and delicious red meat options.

For information on New Zealand venison and information on where to source venison in European countries click on the language of your choice.


New Zealand Venison in the USA

Most New Zealand venison in the USA is marketed under the Cervena appellation.  Cervena venison is distinguished from all other venison by the trademarked assurance that the meat has been naturally raised and processed in licensed processing plants according to internationally recognized quality standards. Visit www.cervena.com to learn more about Cervena venison and to find suppliers.


New Zealand Venison in the UK

New Zealand venison is available in UK supermarkets and from wholesalers.  Chilled New Zealand venison is stocked by Tescos, Waitrose and Sainsbury under a variety of brands.  For wholesale enquiries please contact a New Zealand marketing company representative.


Venison to any corner of the globe.

New Zealand exports venison around the world 12 months of the year by refrigerated container. This is an extremely efficient means of transporting goods long distances. Shipping goods by seafreight uses only 10% the energy of shipping by trucks.  Container ships emit only 1% of the CO2 of airfreight, per tonne per km travelled.