About New Zealand Venison

Naturally farm raised

Tender, delicious venison makes any meal special.

New Zealand Venison is produced from the open pastures of New Zealand in a natural, free-range environment without the use of hormones or steroids. It’s naturally healthy too, being low in fat, calories and cholesterol and with a great taste that has to be experienced. For nutritional information on how venison compares to other proteins click here.

New Zealand Venison brings part of this clean, natural environment to you.

This natural advantage is supported with quality assurance programmes run on an industry wide and company basis – starting on farms and right through to processing. The New Zealand Food Safety Authority licences and inspects venison processing plants and certifies all exports of venison from New Zealand.

For more information on deer farming and venison processing in New Zealand click here

Simple and versatile

Korean Barbecued Venison

Available in a range of cuts to suit any meal occasion, tender farm raised venison is available from a wide variety of supermarkets and butchers throughout New Zealand.


Why is farm-raised Venison from New Zealand so good?

  • It’s lean – Venison from young deer contains virtually no fat.  Common retail cuts are 97-99% fat free – so it provides high quality protein with very little fat.
  • It’s delicious – Venison from New Zealand’s farm raised deer does not have the strong ‘gamey’ flavor that many find off-putting.  A grass diet, careful selection and world’s best processing means that New Zealand venison is a culinary treat.
  • It’s so easy to cook - Farm-raised venison requires virtually no preparation.  Take the meat from the packet, sprinkle with a little pepper, cook to medium rare – serve and enjoy – No fuss and no waste.