Chef Videos

Need help with preparing or cooking New Zealand venison? Check-out our helpful videos of chefs preparing delicious meals in a flash.

Cervena venison loin crudo with marinated cabbage

Washington's Todd Gray of restaurant Equinox talks venison.  Watch him prepare his Cervena venison loin crudo with marinated cabbage.

Cervena venison medallions with black bean hash

Venison Medallions from the t.v. series New Zealand on a Plate.

Chef Todd Gray discussing New Zealand Cervena Venison

Todd Gray has been a fan of New Zealand Cervena Venison since the early 1990s.  We asked him to talk to New Zealand deer farmers about what was important to customers today, and how New Zealand Venison fits into his menu.

Chef Todd Gray Venison Roast with Quinoa Salad

Chef Todd Gray, Chef-owner of Equinox Restaurant in Washington DC shares his thoughts on farm-raised venison, then shows how to prepare a succulent venison mini-roast with a quinoa salad.

Cooking with Blood. A Demonstration with Chef Brad Farmerie

Brad used venison blood in his black pudding demonstration at the 2010 Star Chefs Internatonal Chefs Congress in New York.  Enjoy!

Deconstructed Venison Wellington

A modern take on a classic dish.  Chef Graham Brown prepares a deconstructed Venison Wellington using a New Zealand venison leg fillet.  

Denver leg overview

Watch a guide to preparing venison denver leg.

Denver Leg Overview

Denver Leg is the name given to the pre-prepared sub-primal muscles of the venison hind leg, fully trimmed and ready to cut into serving sized portions.

Denver Leg Top Round - cutting demo

The Top Round or (the Topside) is a tender, flavorsome muscle from the hind leg.  It can be roasted as a piece, or sliced into steaks and medallions.

Easy Venison Meatballs

Using lean venison mince, create these delicious and healthy meatballs.