Chef Videos

Need help with preparing or cooking New Zealand venison? Check-out our helpful videos of chefs preparing delicious meals in a flash.

Venison and Wild Mushroom Pies

Recipe by Sophie Wright. The GREAT PIE!! Yum! A proper pie, with a proper pastry base and crispy top.

Venison Burger with Sweet and Sour Pepper Salsa

The sweet peppers go amazingly well with the sumptuous New Zealand farm-raised venison and make a fantastic change to the same old boring beef burger.

Venison Cutlet with porcini rub

Watch Chef Coughlin prepare a succulet venison cutlet with porcini rub.

Venison Enchillada

 A spicy adaptation of an enchillada using New Zealand venison stir-fry.

Venison Knuckle Preparation

The venison knuckle cut is easily prepared into steaks and medallions with the removal of some internal silverskin.

Venison Medallions with Roasted Squash and Parsley Tabbouleh and fresh Salsa Verde Dressing

Very healthy, colourful and full of lovely bright and fragrant flavours it a must to add to all repertoires. The sweet squash really works well with the Venison, especially when it is left pink in the middle to maximise its tenderness and rich flavour.

Venison Noisettes

Tender noisettes from the the denver leg, ran roasted and served with a cleriac puree.


Venison Osso Bucco

Slow cooked venison osso bucco with streamed sweet potato in a pasrsley and caper butter sauce.

Venison Ragout and papardelle

Rich venison ragout with silky pasta.

Venison Rump

Easy steps to prepare a venison rump into medallions or a mini roast for 2.