Chef Videos

Need help with preparing or cooking New Zealand venison? Check-out our helpful videos of chefs preparing delicious meals in a flash.

Venison Rack with Kromeskie

When you really need to impress your guests, be they your boss or your mother-in-law, nothing has the wow-factor like a frenched rack of farmed venison. Cooked whole, served and carved at the table, your friends will be talking about it for weeks.

Venison Ragout and papardelle

Rich venison ragout with silky pasta.

Venison Rump

Easy steps to prepare a venison rump into medallions or a mini roast for 2.

Venison salad from Tom's Kitchen

UK Chef Tom Kime cooks a delicious venison and roast beet salad using Cervena natural tender venison from New Zealand

Venison salad with gastrique.

A summer salad using tender venison denver leg.

Venison Sausage with horseradish mash

It's easy to cook these delicious and succulent venison sausages at home.  Watch Chef Graham Brown show you how.

Venison Silverside cutting demonstration

How to cut a venison silverside (bottom round) into steaks and medallions with no waste.

Venison steak with grilled summer vegetables

Venison is so easy to cook.  Watch this simple demo to learn how to make melt-in-your mouth tender venison steaks.  But first, make sure you chose farm-raised New Zealand Venison.

Venison Stirfry

Easy, light, fast - Venison stirfry

Venison Tagine

Chef Graham Brown shows how to prepare a quick and delicious Tagine using Cervena venison. Keeping the venison moist is the secret.  Sear the cubes of Cervena venison, then rest while the sauce is prepared.  Add the succulent tender venison back to the mix at the end to avoid drying and over-cooking the venison.