Choice Venison Cuts

There is a cut of venison to suit every meal occasion. Here is a guide to the most common cuts.

Venison Cuts Chart








Denver Leg

Denver Leg
The Venison Denver Leg

Denver Leg.  Venison is naturally tender, cuts from the leg can be used like steak cuts.  The name Denver Leg is used to describe the collection of the four leg primals - the Rump, Topside, Silverside and Knuckle, when they have had all fat and silverskin removed, and have been divided into 7 or 8 subprimals.  These cuts are normally packed in two bags, weighing between 2 to 3 kgs each. 



Denver leg overview

Middle Cuts


deskinned shortloin

Shortloin.  A premium meat cut, supplied primarily to top chefs around the world, but also available at quality butchers or online. Can be supplied weight-ranged to your requirements, silver-skin on or off.  Approximate weight 500 grams to 700grams per piece.  Yield 100%. For recipes click here.





Also referred to as the fillet, the tenderloin is the most tender venison cut.  Approx 200-300 grams per piece.   Perfect for searing quickly then slicing thinly and adding to salads.  Click here for some great recipes using tenderloin.




Whole Striploin

Not a common retail item, usually supplied to the restaurant trade.  Remove silverskin for a uniform, log shape.  Can be roasted whole or sliced into steaks. Normally 1.2 to 1.5 kg per piece.  Striploin recipes.




8 Rib Rack

Sear, roast, rest, carve, impress.  What else can you say, the king of meat cuts.  Normally 800 grams to 1.2 kg per piece.  1 chop will suffice as a serving, 2 for the hungry. Frenched Rack Recipes.




Double Chop

Double Chop.  A large single serving.  Trim any visible silver-skin, sear and then finish in the oven.  





Common Retail Cuts

Leg Medallions

Venison leg medallion

Pre-trimmed ready to cook tender medallions are widely available in New Zealand supermarkets.  Medallions normally 50 to 60 grams per piece.  Pack sizes do vary according to manufacturer, normally 200 or 400 grams.  125 grams is an adequate serving.




Venison Mince

venison meatloaf
Venison meatloaf

Venison mince is very, very low in fat.  Mince is available from many supermarkets and quality butchers and is a cost effective and delicious way of providing your family with high quality protein. 





Diced Venison

Diced venison.  Lean meat, normally taken from the shoulder so contains some connective tissue which softens with long-slow cooking.  Available from quality retailers. Available in commercial quantities from marketing companies as 'A' Goulash.




Stir-fry.  Lean strips cut from the leg.  Increasingly available at quality supermarkets and good butchers.  Cooks super quick and a great way of getting the kids to eat their meat. 100gm is an adequate serving.  Pack sizes will vary between manufacturers.



Osso bucco

Osso Bucco

Osso Bucco.  Sliced from the hind shank, Osso Bucco needs long, slow cooking to bring out the best of this succulent cut. Thickness varies between manufacturers, normally two pieces per serving.