Cervena Venison

New Zealand companies are licensed to sell venison under the Cervena name. Each company is approved to use the name Cervena on their venison and is subject to regular audits to ensure they comply with the criteria.


Cervena® is premium farmed venison from New Zealand.  Cervena is distinguished from all other venison by the trademarked assurance that the meat has been naturally raised and processed in licensed Cervena plants according to internationally recognized quality standards. For more information please visit www.cervena.com


The Cervena companies are spread throughout New Zealand and each sources Cervena® venison from contracted farmers.  The geographical spread of the companies ensures that quality Cervena® is always available from New Zealand no matter what the season.

Each company has their own quality assurance programmes in place and supply to dedicated importers and distributors in North America.

People wanting to know more about each of these Cervena licensees should follow the links below to their websites.


Duncan & Company,  Auckland, NZ



Mountain River Venison, Auckland, NZ



Silver Fern Farms Ltd,    Dunedin, NZ



Alliance Group Limited, Invercargill, NZ



Todd Gray

Why is Cervena special

To qualify as Cervena® natural tender venison, the animal must be three years of age or under, and raised naturally without hormones or steriods on the fresh open pastures of New Zealand. Cervena® venison must be processed according to internationally recognized quality standards. This processing is independently audited to industry agreed standards. Combined quality and marketing criteria mean Cervena® venison delivers consistently high quality product.

I have used Cervena Venison for over 15 years.  My wife and I were first introduced to it when we visited New Zealand.  We saw first hand their farming methods.  The care and attention these animals receive is what makes the meat so immaculate. 

Chef Todd Gray Chef/Co-owner of Equinox and Executive Chef of Market Salamander.