Deconstructed New Zealand Venison Wellington

Recipe by Graham Brown

All the flavour and succulent textures, with none of the soggy pastry, try this deconstructed wellington for your next special occassion.



Season the venison with cracked pepper and salt, sear in a hot skillet with a little butter until well browned on all sides then remove and cook for 4/5 minutes in a hot oven (170°C), then rest.

In the same pan add a little more butter and add the finely chopped shallots, the garlic and then the diced mushrooms. Sauté over a moderate heat until almost dry. Add 1/3 of the wine, the chopped parsley, tarragon and the cream. Reduce and strain, reserve the cream liquid. Allow the mushroom duxelle to cool.

On greaseproof paper roll the pâté into a log about 2 cm diameter, cool in fridge and slice into 12 medallions (3 per person). Cut the pastry into 6 15 x 5 cm pieces, brush with egg wash and cook in a 220 deg oven until thoroughly cooked, cool. Slice in half length-ways, you will need 3 pieces per person.

For the sauce, reduce the wine with the reserved liquid and add the stock. Reduce to a coating consistency and season with pepper and salt to taste.

Steam the vegetables till al denté


To Serve

Spread a portion of the duxelle of mushroom onto the bottom pastry, place on a second pastry sheet and lay on three pâté medallions and finish with a final sheet of pastry.  Reheat in a hot oven for 2/3 mins before serving

Cut each venison fillet into 3 medallions and place along side the pastry stack, garnish with the seasonal steamed vegetables and pour around the sauce


Serves 4

Preparation: 1 hour

Time to cook: 20 mins

Deconstructed New Zealand Venison Wellington


For the venison

4 round fillets of New Zealand Venison either from the leg or loin, each about 180 gms

2 sheets of ready made puff pastry

200 gms of mixed mushrooms, as exotic as you fancy cleaned and chopped into a fine dice


1 cup of heavy cream
4 shallots, finely chopped
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
300 mls of red wine (burgundy or pinot noir)
100 mls of meat stock, preferably venison
100 gms of butter
120 gms of chicken or duck liver pate
1 bunch of flat leaf parsley, ¼ bunch of tarragon
1 egg for wash
Cracked peppercorns
A selection of seasonal greens suitable for steaming.

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