Gently Spiced Venison Salad

By Martin Bosley

Cooking time: 8 minutes

Preperation time: 40 minutes



Heat the barbecue grill or ridged frying pan, oil the shortloins with the cooking oil and set them to one side.

Cut the chillies in half and remove the seeds. Finely slice the flesh and place in a mixing bowl with the lime juice, sugar, fish sauce and sweet chilli sauce. Set to one side for 30 minutes for the ingredients to get to know each other and settle down.

Roughly chop the coriander and mint, bruising it more than cutting it, and place in a mixing bowl.

Slice the cucumber and carrot into long, matchstick sized lengths and add to the chopped herbs.

Wash the watercress, pinch the leaves and branches from the stems, cut the tomatoes in half and add with the watercress to the salad.

Place the shortloin on the grill and cook until pleasantly singed on the outside and medium rare on the inside, about 4 minutes on each side. Remove to a warm place to rest for 10 minutes.

To Serve

Slice into 2cm thick strips and add to the salad bowl. Pour the dressing over, toss gently together well and serve while the venison is still warm. It's okay if the leaves wilt a little.

Chef's note

I've used shortloin here, because it is a premium cut, but I have also used tender medallions or denver leg for this style of dish and these cuts work just as well.

Serves 4

Preparation: 40 minutes

Time to cook: 8 minutes

Gently Spiced Venison Salad


For the Venison

400-500g Venison Shortloin

2 tbsp cooking oil


2 small red chillies

2 garlic cloves

1 lime, for the juice

a pinch of sugar

3 tbsp fish sauce

3 tbsp sweet chilli sauce

For the Salad

A large handful of coriander leaves

A large handful of mint leaves

½ Telegraph cucumber

2 carrots

1 bunch watercress

16 cherry tomatoes

100g peanuts, roasted 

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