Brined and seared venison with berries and nuts


Coat the raw meat in the sugar / salt and tea leaves. Let stand for 3 hours turning frequently. Remove, brush off all salt/sugar clinging to the venison and drain.

Heat cooking oil in a pan, apply cracked black pepper to the venison and sear on all sides till well browned. Cool.

Parsnip crisps.  Heat 1 cup of cooking oil in a pot, when hot drop in parsnip shavings and fry till stiff, but not browned.  Set aside to drain and cool.


To Serve

The venison should have a firm texture.  Slice into bite sized cubes and place on the serving dish among a salad of greens like baby arugula,  scatter walnuts and berries and top with the fried parsnip.  Drizzle over oil, balsamic and salt and pepper to finish.


Serves 5

Preparation: 3 hours

Time to cook: 10 mins

Brined and seared venison with berries and nuts



1 fillet of venison (loin or leg fillet)
1/2 cup coarse salt
2/3 cups brown suger
tea leaves from fruit flavoured tea
2 tblspns cooking oil


Fresh baby greens
Seasonal berries like raspberries or blueberries
Orange segments
1 cup walnuts
1 parsnip, peeled then shaved with the peeler, oil for frying
olive oil
balsamic reduction
salt and pepper



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