New Zealand Venison

New Zealand Venison Vietnamese Style Summer Rolls with Nam Prik

Serves: 8     Preparation: 20 mins     Time to cook: 5 mins    


Makes 8 summer rolls

250gms New Zealand Venison leg meat, trimmed of silverskin. (Try medallions or stir-fry)
100 mls of Asian marinade (Soy sauce, ginger, sweet sherry, crushed garlic, sesame oil)
30 gms of the following vegetables sliced into julienne:
Carrot, red pepper, yellow pepper, red onion, scallions, cucumber
Coriander leaves
Mung bean shoots
Rice paper wrappers

Nam Prik

3 thai green chillies
4 fresh limes, zest and juice
25 gms ginger root
10 gms palm sugar
Coriander stems and roots
Asian fish sauce
Sesame oil

Recipe by Graham Brown

A spicey summery starter using fresh vegetables and herbs and tender venison.

Method of Preparation

Marinade the meat for 20 mins and sear on grill until med rare, cool. Slice thinly.

Make Nam prik by crushing all ingredients except vegetables to a smooth emulsion.

Add a tablespoon of Nam Prik to the vegetables 5 mins before assembly.

Soak the wrappers individually in lukewarm water until soft. Place a wrapper on a clean towel then place the sliced meat and vegetables in the middle, garnish with coriander leaf and roll up tight with ends folded in.

Serve on a crisp lettuce leaf and a dipping bowl with the Nam Prik.