New Zealand Venison

Venison Osso Bucco, slow braised in apple juice with shallots and steamed kumara with lemon, parsley & caper butter

Serves: 3     Preparation: 30 mins     Time to cook: 3 hours    



x6 @ 150g  Farm raised Venison Osso Bucco

Salt & pepper to season

50ml Olive oil

700ml Beef or Venison stock

700ml Apple juice

x2 Fresh bay leaf

1 sprig Fresh rosemary

3 sprigs Fresh thyme

2 cups Shallots, Peeled




600g Kumara, peeled cut into 1 inch cube

x2 Lemon, juice and micro plane zest

¼ cup Flat leaf parsley, picked and chopped

100g Salted butter

30g Baby capers, rinsed & chopped

Few grinds Pepper



Water cress to garnish


Recipe by Chef Michael Coughlin


Chefs note: This is a truly unforgettable, rich and comforting meal that will satisfy the most hearty of appetites to the most refined and discerning palates. The key to a successful dish here is patience….a long slow cooking process will allow the prominent  connective tissue to dissolve and create that lip smacking sauce that makes you want to sink back in your chair and slowly savour.

For the Osso Bucco:

Season the osso bucco with salt & pepper and brown of in a preheated fry pan with some olive oil until caramelized all over. Remove the venison to a plate and in the same pan brown off the shallots for 3-4 minutes then set aside for use later.

Pour off any residual oil, place the pan back on the heat and deglaze with the apple juice. Place the browned venison back into the pan along with the meat stock and herbs. Place a tight fitting lid onto the pan and place into a preheated 120ºc oven and cook slowly for 4 hours, lift the lid and pour in the shallots and allow to cook for a further 30mins or until the meat voluntarily falls away from the bone.

Remove the osso bucco and the shallots carefully from the pan and keep hot, place the pan of braising juices on a high heat on the stove top and reduce until they become rich and glossy. At this point add the meat and shallots back to the pan and glaze the meat, reserve aside in a hot place until ready to serve.


For the kumara:

Place the kumara cubes into a steamer, sprinkle with a little salt and steam until tender and the kumara slips off the tip of a paring knife when checked.

In a separate pot gently melt the butter, add in the lemon juice and zest, capers and parsley along with a few grinds of pepper, toss the kumara into the butter mix and serve immediately.    

To serve:

Spoon the osso bucco into serving bowls with the shallots and plenty of the braising juices, garnish with the cubes of kumara, place some picked watercress on top and serve